Why 72 Hours? Why 72 Hour Supplies?

In a major incident, emergency services may be stretched. You may need to evacuate your business or manage a lock down situation possibly without access to electric power, heat, gas or communication. It pays to be prepared.


Site Evacuation Kit  | safe evacuation for up to 100 persons | EVAQ8 72hour Supplies for Business Continuity

Site Evacuation Kit

Emergency supplies to safely manage an evacuation for up to 100 persons, the kit contains...

Business Grab Bag | Emergency Grab Bags for offices, shops or other small business units  | EVAQ8 72hour Supplies for Business Continuity

Emergency Grab Bag for Business

Grab Bag suitable for offices, retail shops, and other small business units to safely manage an evacuation. Ideally store several of these kits in ...

Business Emergency Kit in unmarked holdall | EVAQ8 72hour Supplies for Business Continuity

Workplace Emergency Pack

Comprehensive business kit designed for workplace emergencies supplied in a discreet 'un-marked' holdall with multiple compartments, containing...

200 Space Blankets In Emergency Holdall | elegant solution for the storage and transportation of emergency foil blankets | EVAQ8 72hour Supplies for Business Continuity

200 Space Blankets In Emergency Holdall

For emergency evacuations in case of fire, security breaches etc, this holdall is an elegant storage and transportation solution for emergency foil blankets

Contingency Kit Workplace Up To 20 Persons | safe management of lock-down situations | EVAQ8 72hour Supplies for Business Continuity

Contingency Kit Workplace Up To 20 Persons

For use in case of lock-down of business premises or other emergency situations that require personnel to shelter-in-place; kit contents...

3 Month Food Kit - Mountainhouse freeze dried food | EVAQ8 72 hour Emergency Supplies

Personal Evacuation Pack - ideal for Offices

An easy-to-store personal evacuation pack that is ideal for office emergencies. The emergency pack...

Our special expertise
Standard and Custom-Made Emergency Kits


Find a Preparedness Kit that is right for you from our range of standard Emergency Kits  or simply
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Standard and custom-made Emergency Kits | GoBag for Home and Business | EVAQ8.co.uk 72 hour Emergency Supply

Emergency Kits

EVAQ8 produce emergency preparedness kits that you can depend on in any emergency, equally effective in the event of a rapid evacuation or a shelter-in-place situation. If you would like to build your own emergency kit or grab bag, we have hundreds of quality products to choose from.
In addition to our range of standard emergency kits we offer a competitive bespoke service. We can customise our existing preparedness kits to your specification or create new emergency packs to your exact requirements. Simply see our information on bespoke orders and get in touch with your requirements.

bespoke orders

Emergency Food for Business Organizations

UK authorities recommend you stock a minimum of threee days supplies of non-perishable food. Long-life rations and self-heating meals are obvious choices. Stocking emergency food is advised for lock-down scenario. It is also relevant if you employ field personnel or are involved in responding to environmental or civil incidents. All our food products are also available in pallet quantities, please contact us.

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